Body Sugaring 411

What is Body Sugaring?
Body sugaring is an ancient Egyptian method of hair removal using a 100% natural paste of sugar, lemon and water. It is a safe and natural way to remove unwanted hair for today’s men and women. the sugar paste is never re-used and we will only ever put a clean implement into the jar of paste.
Your technician will apply the sugar paste by hand against your hair growth so that when the hair is removed in a flicking motion it’s pulled out by the follicle in the direction of hair growth. This drastically reduces the occurrence of hair breakage, painful ingrown hairs, and also allows us to remove smaller, harder to grab hairs.

Advantages of Sugaring®

  • Last longer than waxing (3-4 weeks)
  • Removes shorter, thinner hair
  • All-organic
  • Water soluble
  • Applied slightly warmer than room temperature so there is no chance of burning the skin
  • Less invasive
  • Does not remove any skin, just unwanted hair

Pre and Post Sugar Care
Sugar paste is safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive! Since the sugar never adheres to live skin cells, only the dead cells will be removed acting as a gentle exfoliation, which is why we ask that you not exfoliate your skin the day before your service. We advise that you also not time your appointment to coincide with your menstrual cycle as it is a period when you are most sensitive. You should also avoid using any creams or lotions on the day of your appointment.

Between sugaring appointments it’s important to keep the sugared areas exfoliated and moisturized, although exfoliation should not be done until 24 hours after sugaring. Ask your technician what exfoliation and moisturizing system would be best for you.

Things to avoid after your appointment:

  • Perfumes
  • Scented creams/lotions
  • Deodorant if you had your underarms sugared
  • Heat, such as baths/steam rooms
  • Direct sunlight or tanning beds
  • Perspiration. Let this be your excuse to skip going to the gym!


Q: What is the difference between bikini, Bikini Plus, and brazilian?
A: For a bikini, we’ll clean up just the sides and top of your bikini line, anything that would show while wearing a bathing suit. For a Bikini Plus the sides and top, as with the bikini, but the thing that makes it different is that we’ll also do the back, in essence we’ll remove any hair that might peak out if you’re wearing a thong. A Brazilian is the removal of all pubic hair, although if you like, we can leave a strip of hair.

Q: I am prone to ingrowns, what can I do to help this?
A: Many people are subject to in-grown hairs due to the hair being out of the follicle for weeks giving the dead skin cells a chance to form over the mouth of the follicle, thus causing the hair to grow under the skin when it reappears. First a foremost, exfoliate! Use exfoliating mitts, or body scrub two to three times per week you’ll keep dead skin cells from trapping new hair growth under your skin. If that does not help you should soak 3 times per week in lukewarm water with a 1/2 cup of dead sea salts for 10 minutes. The second step is to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. A good rule of thumb is, whenever your skin gets wet (after every shower or bath) moisturize.

If you find your ingrown are painful and pustoulous, add an antibacterial ingredient to disinfect and help draw out the bacteria. Ask about Finipil to help with ingrown in sensitive areas.

Q: How long should my hair be?
A: For best results your hair should be a quarter of an inch long. For people who shave that’s about 2 weeks growth.

Q: Will it hurt as much as waxing?
A: Most people find that body sugaring hurts less than waxing, but it all depends on your own pain tolerance.

Q: How long should I wait between appointments?
A: For most services we recommend coming in every four to six weeks in order to have as much hair as possible growing at the same time. Timing may vary depending on your growth cycle and how long you’ve been sugaring. Ask your technician for their recommendation on your next visit.

Q: My skin was bumpy and itchy after my appointment, is this normal?
A: Slight irritation is completely normal and should disappear within 24 hours. If you experience hives you can try taking an antihistamine. You can also apply a cold compress to the irritated area or use a soothing cream to alleviate the redness.


Remember, exfoliation should be avoided after treatment as this can irritate sensitive skin.

Avoid hot tubs and swimming pools for 2 days following treatment. The pores of the skin are more open and there is a greater chance of bacterial infection. Salt water pools and tubs are okay.

Skin Spotting: Tiny red spots may appear on the skin for a few hours, or even a day or so in some cases. If this should happen, do not be alarmed. This is just a histamine reaction, It is an indication that the hairs have been removed from the follicle and it is quite normal after a treatment. They will disappear.

Sensitive Skin: To take away the sting and to reduce redness, apply an ice cold compress two to three times for about 2-3 minutes at a time.

Do not use perfumed soap or products with chemical irritants on treated area within 24 hours of your treatment.

Face: To quickly reduce any redness to the area, wrap an ice cube in a wet cloth and apply it to the treated area 5 or 6 times at one hour intervals. You may develop some whiteheads in this area but they seldom appear with subsequent treatments.

Was it Painful?: If you have been shaving, the first treatment is the worst, due to the fact that the bulb at the base of the hair shaft is enlarged. The more treatments you receive, the weaker the roots get and the easier it is to remove the hair. Due to the way hair grows, it will take a few months to replace the shaven hair with a natural hair growth.

Beware of Sun Exposure: After your treatment, your skin may sunburn more easily. Avoid exposing your skin to the sun and any infra-red lamp or solarium for a minimum of two days. You should not receive a treatment if your skin is sunburned.

In-grown Hairs:. Exfoliate for a few more minutes. Be sure to re-hydrate your skin afterwards with body lotion. Ask your technician for suggestions to suit your personal requirements.

Diminishing Hair Growth: Depending on how dense the hair growth is on each individual, it ranges from 18 months for people with light hair growth to 3 years or more for people with heavy growth. Since the best age to start is at puberty, we encourage you to influence young girls to start using sugar paste instead of shaving. Diminishment of hair growth is a gradual process achieved by regular treatments over a period of time. To obtain the best results, we recommend that you establish a routine suitable to your hair growth.